Product Information

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Careful and precise design

Optimal material selection

Each product is thoroughly designed from scratch. All our projects are based on original parts scanned with professional equipment. We pay attention to the smallest details to make sure the final product fits perfectly.

Thanks to many years of experience we know what technical properties to look for in a material used for production of our gauge faces. Supplied only from certified distributors, it gives us the confidence about the function and durability of the final product.

Advanced multi-layer print

High precission CNC laser cutting

We use a professional digital flatbed printer for production of our gauge faces. Unmatched precision and quality, true and vivid colors, smooth finish - all this constitutes our highest standard.

All our products are precisely cut using a CNC laser cutter. Thanks to this solution our gauge faces have clean and smooth edges. All holes are cut to match the original layout and provide trouble free fitment.


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